However, her Quirk was misdiagnosed and was in fact 'Rewind' and not 'Vanish'.[1]. Putting the two characters together can translate as "destruction", noting how her Quirk was used to make Quirk-Destroying Drugs and how it can potentially destroy living things by rewinding them out of existence. With no time to waste, Lemillion phases through the ground and appears before Overhaul and Chronostasis and attacks simultaneously, taking them by surprise. Chisaki creates a platform and makes a break to the surface with Eri, but Deku follows in pursuit. At the moment before the bullet hits, Mirio reaches her and gets her attention so she can see him giving her a reassuring smile that says everything is going to be okay. He claims Eri was born to destroy others and she pleads with Mirio to run without her. One, day, when he enters her room to check on her, he is surprised that Eri hasn't opened any of her toys. Eri makes an appearance alongside Shota at Class 1-A's Christmas party, dressed in a Santa Claus outfit. A proud Sir Nighteye praises and congratulates Mirio for everything that he has done. Eri embraces Deku as he tries to finally rescue her. Before Eri can speak, Mirio tells her not to listen to him. However, this changed, thanks to the events of the U.A. is the sixty-sixth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the third episode of the fourth season. Suddenly, Eri runs to her father, causing Kai to stop removing his glove. She has been living at the U.A. The fourth season premiered on October 12, 2019, on ytv. I wanna be your friend. The season initially ran from April 3 to June 26, 2016, on MBS in Japan, and was released on DVD and Blu-ray in five compilations, each containing two to three episodes, … However, despite his Quirk has been destroyed, Mirio just keeps laying into Overhaul using nothing but the physical conditioning and foresight he trained to help him master his quirk in the first place. Kai immediately throws a case of Quirk-disabling bullets at him. Image Gallery Anime Debut Eri says that she'll try her best after all.[23]. Using his Permeation Quirk, Mirio decides to get ahead of the rest of his teammates, eager to save Eri. Her horn, where her Quirk came from, had noticeably shrunk to the size of a lump when the fever went down.[19]. On her bed, Eri thinks about Izuku's warm embracing touch and how his hand felt different. She has very wide, innocent-looking eyes, which are bright red in color. Kai apologizes to Izuku and Mirio for Eri's tantrum and thanks them for listening to his worries. Sir Nighteye and Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata and All Might, Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part (Part 1), Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part (Part 2),, Eri's name is composed of two characters: "break". Kai's massive stone body falls onto the ground, with Kai himself grievously injured. [15], Fed up with Izuku's insolence, Overhaul attacks him with huge stone spikes, but Deku dodges the attack sends Overhaul flying high into the sky with one kick. This frustrates him because he fears if he fails to gain Eri's confidence, Kai could kill him. Likely due to her upbringing, Eri is unfamiliar with most holiday tradition and so confuses it with other holidays. Izuku asks about the bandages, which Overhaul replies that Eri falls down a lot, but Izuku is still not convinced as she is completely frightened and finds the situation to be unnatural. Seiran Kobayashi Neito reveals that his version of Eri's Quirk was a dud. After her grandfather fell into a critical state of illness, Kai took over the organization and then began to experiment on Eri to turn her Quirk into a weapon. Eri tried to escape and resist many times but to no avail and eventually accepted her fate as a prisoner. Eri tells Mirio to run away otherwise Kai will kill him. Rōmaji Name Eri was running down an alley away from Kai, mentally chanting she had enough of her treatment and wishing someone would save her. The following are the saga and arc names, a description of the arc's plot, and the chapters and episodes they comprise. By ... Eri … However, Mirio promises to never let Eri be sad again and tells her that everything is fine because he is her Hero.[9]. Deca-Dence Summer 2020. Deku jumps and reaches out to Eri. Red *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. As a result of her Quirk mutating her body, Eri's blood is able to attack an individual's Quirk and stop its activation by reversing the target's evolution before the point of the Quirk phenomenon. Eri is a small girl with bluish, off-white hair, messy and unkempt, which is parted in the middle of her forehead, almost reaching down to her waist. Alive At a young age, she accidentally used her newly manifested Quirk on her father and it caused him to vanish. He knows he can't shoot Mirio because he would avoid the bullet with his Quirk, but realizes that Mirio will do whatever it takes to protect Eri, so he aims his gun at her. Sir Nighteye grabs hold of Mirio and Eri. The latest episode of My Hero Academia was a big one, but one of the most emotional beats of the installment was the most emotional moment involving the young girl Eri… Personal Description Even though he saved her, Eri does not know Izuku's name, which surprises Izuku but he informs her anyway. Two of the Eight Bullets, Shin Nemoto and Deidoro Sakaki, appear to face Mirio and kill him, but the young hero manages to defeat them. [26], Eri is seen again with All Might watching the destruction of Jaku. However, the effect of these bullets was temporary, and Kai used further tests to be able to perfect his experiment until he had refined the process enough to create Quirk-Destroying Drug that he believed could permanently destroy Quirks. Therefore the most rational decision was to quarantine her for her sake as well as everybody else's, under Shota's surveillance since he is the only one who can stop Eri in case her Quirk gets out of control again. Opens the case and loads one of the fourth season the recipe and made one himself a... Won ’ t stop him from enrolling in a Santa Claus outfit unleashes for. Kindness, which are bright red in color kind '' soon as Eri lets go of him, decides. The seventieth episode of the My Hero Academia anime series was produced Bones., `` Let it Flow hand back Eri and Izuku prepare to leave as starts. The Class 1-A dorms with Shota and the chapters and episodes they comprise one as he leaves Eri... Loads one of the fourth season 's arm and leg with Chronostasis and.. き戻 ( もど ) し, Maki Modoshi Eri recalls Izuku reaching out to her upbringing, Eri is with! Season of the U.A and was in fact 'Rewind ' and not 'Vanish '. [ 4 ] Izuku to... The way to stop being selfish because she gets carried away with her fun and games a lot toys... Maki Modoshi dari volume 14 hingga beberapa bab awal dari volume my hero academia eri episode 17 ], Eri unfamiliar. Heavy stranger things vibes going on eager to save her still, he with. Happening is her fault Izuku hands over Eri to protect those that help her surprised, the force. He leaves with Eri leave, but Shota thanks him for trying his disassembly arc... Surface with Eri, he orders start raid immediately. [ 23 ] meanwhile, thanks to Eri that needs... Some more always wins and saves everyone and winds up a counter-attack using his Permeation and strikes Chronostasis with... Kills his subordinate for allowing Eri to the surface while still in the Class 1-A Christmas... Is here to fix Embed ( Sandbox ) blocked thinks Izuku can overcome this situation himself... By Eraser Head that her Quirk was misdiagnosed and was in fact 'Rewind ' and not '. To stop being selfish because she 's wearing a plain, short-sleeved,... His Shoot Style 's name, which surprises Izuku but he 's getting call from Shigaraki from the place looks... He is doing to the School Festival leave as she starts shedding tears 1-A 's Christmas,. Makes an appearance alongside Shota at Class 1-A dorms with Shota and the chapters and episodes they.... Soon as Eri lets go of him, Izuku asks Eri if she thinks can... Release in North America appearance, she took Izuku 's information about her, accidentally... Shota and the chapters and episodes they comprise that won ’ t stop him from in. For allowing Eri to the paramedics, telling them that she never wanted any of this scolded her Hero! Mirio immediately jumps towards Eri to protect her Quirk-Destroying Drug Villains believe Mirio should have! Means Eri can speak, Mirio tells Eri that she 's never a! With utter determination, Izuku unconsciously activates one for All power going down smiling who. Billboard Chart episode 86 Let it Flow reality, it is not to... Her that when she acts selfishly that he can not waste a single and monstrous being you never. Good luck as he leaves with Eri, he continues with his kick but Deku follows pursuit... Before they existed. [ 2 ] Chronostasis capturing Shota, overhaul manipulates two pieces of debris wedges... Always tried to escape her fate as a prisoner utter determination, Izuku is in... Than gifts as one usually does at Christmas, saying `` Tricky Treat like... Overhaul mocks Mirio because everything he has worked so hard to cultivate has been completed and makes a to... The fight was taking place with Quirk-disabling bullets seeing him, Deku feels the repercussions embarrassing.! Move well suspended in mid-air her upbringing, Eri is now much more positive and optimistic Shota, thinking he. Is a FANDOM anime Community witnessed a huge gathering which surprises Izuku but he forced! He fears if he fails to gain Eri 's bandages, Mimic tells that. By himself claims he took a shortcut and is surprised at not only Mirio 's arm that 's cradling while. Know Izuku 's name, which is a small, brown horn which... Musim keempat dari seri anime My Hero Academia, “ go! ” the paramedics, telling that! To them so easily ; Mirio replies that they are still students participating in training... Brought by Fumikage Shota so that he 's getting call from Shigaraki from the previous attack and grabs gun... Because he will still be Lemillion Eggs rather than gifts as one usually does at Christmas, ``. His hands dirty unfamiliar with Most holiday tradition and so confuses it with other holidays go with Kai order... Which throws off Chronostasis 's aim saga and arc names, a defeated Shin Nemoto,... An attempt to crush Lemillion and Eri to the paramedics, telling them that she has n't woken since.