About Kristin

Kristin currently works as a UI developer for zoosk.com in San Francisco. Prior to that she worked for Involver as a frontend web developer for custom Facebook social marketing applications for brands including Levi's, Nike, Lilith Fair and jetBlue.

Before moving to San Francisco, she lived and worked in Japan, mainly in the Tokyo area for about 6 years.

In Tokyo, Kristin worked as a designer and editor for Agosto publishing company designing books on pop art (including anime and manga themes), graphic design and computer graphics in both English and Japanese. These book projects were done in conjunction with Graphic-sha, Rockport, and other publishing companies. She created and maintained the company's English home page as well as redesigning and assisting with the company's Japanese site.

After leaving Agosto, she worked as a web designer creating bi-lingual Japanese and English web sites. She was responsible for re-coding the FedEx Japan site to conform to their new design standards, amking regular updates and designed animated web banners for FedEx Japan, Compaq, Epson and other companies. She has also done free-lance design and editing work for various companies in the Tokyo area including Macmillan Language House and Graphic-sha. Together with Atsuko Nozawa, a Japanese colleague, She worked on the American English localization of the popular Sony Post Pet program, assisting in translation and re-writing of some of the character dialogue.

Kristin was born in California but grew up mainly in Oregon. She graduated from the University of Oregon in Eugene where she majored in fine and applied arts with an emphasis on visual design.


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