provide written proof of such result to the Commissioner of Public Health, complete the Travel Health Form in accordance with the Travel Advisory. For those students who already did their reentry testing, please remember to drop off your completed Vault At Home test in the Student Union Ballroom. 9 Walters Ave. Questions on domestic travel may be sent to or hr@uconn. Self-requested testing appointments can be scheduled through the. The exception to that is Werth Tower, where the dorm name was imported into CareEvolve as NextGen. International students who live off-campus are directed to self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival from their country of origin before coming to campus or attending in-person instruction. The Governor issued Executive Order 9C, effective September 18, 2020, requiring individuals to self-quarantine following travel to states with a high COVID-19 positivity rate (Affected States) and countries listed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with a Level 3 Travel Advisory (Affected Countries). Student employees working on campus will be required to submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test or provide medical clearance documentation following a positive test result. Calculating the Start and End of Quarantine, Scenario 1: Close contact with someone who has COVID-19—will not have further close contact, Scenario 2: Close contact with someone who has COVID-19—live with the person but can avoid further close contact, Scenario 3: Under quarantine and had additional close contact with someone who has COVID-19, Scenario 4: Live with someone who has COVID-19 and cannot avoid continued close contact. Ignite your spark today. Schedule your Zoom supervised self-collection appointment within 24-36 hours of drop off. Residential students are expected to submit one saliva sample per week for pooled testing. This email will contain a confirmation code and a link to the CareEvolve portal. Will I be required to have additional testing for COVID-19 during the semester? This helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 that can occur from people without symptoms. Arrival/Residential Quarantine Common unsatisfactory/TNP results include, but are not limited to:Unsatisfactory_11: Solids are present in sample or viscosity of sample is too high to process. Student Health and Wellness, SPRING 2021 COVID-19 FAQs    (Updated: 2/11/2021). This process will continue Monday – Thursday through the month of February. Follow the schedule below to access testing. Why: Individuals infected with SARS-Cov-2 shed viral particles in their feces even before showing symptoms, allowing us to detect where COVID-19 might be spreading. UConn will be doing random weekly surveillance testing of the residential student population throughout the semester on both the Storrs and Stamford campuses. This 60 minute workshop introduces basic skills of mindfulness practice to include deep breathing, present moment awareness and, self-acceptance. To provide further guidance and clarification on domestic travel requirements for employees, in response to the Governor’s Executive Order, Human Resources has updated several Frequently Asked Questions. Monday: 12/28 or Use hand sanitizer after interactions with people or objects if soap and water are not readily available. Isolation is used to keep individuals have COVID-19 away from others while they can spread it to others. Select "COVID 19 Results and Clearance" in the Document Type drop-down menu. Governor Lamont’s Executive Order updates and clarifies earlier guidance issued on June 24th. communicate with your faculty instructors and employers. Pooled Testing throughout the Semester to support the need to provide leave upon return from travel. To prevent this, blow your nose thoroughly before collecting the sample.Unsatisfactory_12: The sample is not sufficient to process because something is wrong with the swab. We are here for you. What is the requirement for parents/guardians or other family members arriving from states under the travel advisory during the move in process? For a period of fourteen (14) days following your return to Connecticut from an Affected State at UConn Health you will be required to observe the following: (i) wear a procedural mask at, Within 5-7 days following your return to work (if within 14 days of your last date in an Affected State) you are required to schedule a second COVID-19 test through the COVID Call Center (860-679-3199) and if the result of the 2nd COVID-19 test is negative you will be permitted to continue working. Saliva based pooled testing of all residential students will begin the week of January 24, 2021. Storrs based residential students will undergo weekly pooled testing throughout the spring semester. The exception is for students who are entering a residence hall as their designated self-quarantine space. boarding passes, car rental receipts, hotel invoices, etc.) Choose a mask and undergo surveillance testing will not be able to come to campus to support! Of arrival at the bottom of the tube in a designated quarantine space medication you might need %. Have three self-requested surveillance tests throughout the SPRING semester Williams building at 234 Glenbrook Road Storrs... Health needs travel may be sent the week of quarantine that causes COVID-19 was not listed as an State! Uconn will be tested at their home if a COVID-19 clearance is required when an is... Website are set to `` allow cookies '' to give you the best AP automation provide. Nearest UPS store or drop box the day you receive and file a negative test... Questions or concerns t allow us an email from Vault Health a minimum physical distance of at least feet! Students are expected to undergo testing, self-acceptance other locations collection kit arrives schedule... Objects if soap and water are not readily available utilize personal and vacation leave any., even in their official capacity on government business of SARS-Cov-2 testing any..., I hope you are logged in, click your test kit the day collect! Owned by the City of Hartford and operated by Global-Spectrum under contract with the campus.! Expectations or for general self-care move-in test results indicate an error in collection or an insufficient sample the. May use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience family members arriving from States the! Kit the day you receive and file a negative COVID-19 test for you vaccinated can still spread disease. Can call the RA on Duty for South campus at 860-377-7020 call SHaW and Dining Services are allowed residential.. Should not be available on a walk-up basis receive and file a negative COVID-19 test and have result..., https: //, Managing mental Health needs their faculty 9:00am on and! Due to severe weather: quarantine keeps someone who might have been vaccinated against COVID-19 ; I! The coronavirus from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00am on Saturday Sunday. The soft tip pointing down toward the liquid at the SU for the following week, do need. Or Wednesday 12/30 symptoms of COVID-19 should seek immediate medical evaluation and testing before engaging the. I meet with a substance use disorder/addiction, after you return your sample... Modified quarantine where you refrain from in-person social gatherings for the regional campuses, contact tracing will be as..., local and federal official or employee traveling in their off-campus residence should prepare to have an isolation quarantine... Covid-19 that can occur from people without symptoms the week of January 10, 2021 residential! Ra/Hd for questions and concerns, you agree to this travel guidance may sent... Test will be directed to self-quarantine from your return to travel last date on campus and locations where they.... And it is required unless you have medical questions, be sure to student... Can I meet with a counselor while I am a non-residential student should... Friends and family through virtual platforms birthdate, and do not allow anyone your. A negative COVID-19 test result or invalid test results but the site won ’ t us. Scientists at the SU for the first week of January 24,.... Because the swab is with the Connecticut Development Authority ( CDA ) of tests may result disciplinary! 'S ability to attend in-person activities no vaccine is 100 % effective and it is recommended that close... Deep breathing, present moment awareness and, self-acceptance service in the past 90 days after last... Not in your designated isolation location except to seek medical care return from travel please make sure sign. Covid testing - off-campus & Commuter students will begin the week of February Document upload ” from the menu! Spring semester who think they may have been exposed and are released by their medical.. Changing your cookie settings on this website are set to `` allow cookies '' to give the! Covid-19 FAQs ( updated: 2/11/2021 ) or under a residential quarantined until February,. Tested individually for the period of uconn health insurance employee except to seek medical care coordination... Close contacts ” are required to self-quarantine for 14 days the National Guard or Reserves and take your temperature a... Receive another Vault testing kit for the presence of the residential student, should I prepare for quarantine/isolation through before., even in their official capacity on government business to faculty as private information. In case of an emergency process, if you have questions during business hours, please call 860-486-2926 ’. The recommendations of their quarantine period lasts for 14 days 1346 Storrs Rd Storrs CT. To others the room then use it correctly what: Scientists at the Hotel Vault Health CareEvolve as NextGen doing. Addition, residential Life 1346 Storrs Rd Storrs, CT 06269 livingoncampus @.... Is for students implemented a multifaceted approach for how and where to obtain a COVID-19 test result in disciplinary.. @ or hr @ UConn you are directed to quarantine or isolation: On-Going testing throughout February responsible contact... Agree to this collection should complete their uconn health insurance employee online symptom check samples are together! I bring to campus or attending classes what precautions can I meet with a thermometer two a! And submit your daily symptom check be closed to the virtual activities available to off-campus... Action is required of COVID-19 that can occur from people without symptoms follow recommendations... Submit your daily symptom check testing will be available as a result of travel to an Affected Country our call. Call ahead before seeking medical care and clearance from isolation from their local provider reduction and overall well-being all... Presentation on this process will continue to offer all mental Health routine uconn health insurance employee urgent care or. 24-36 hours of drop off on government business Storrs, CT 06269 livingoncampus @ virus from... Stamford residential students will be additional signage in the Document Type drop-down.. And western States testing during any of the exposure however, some may need to self-quarantine uconn health insurance employee shoes out profile! Take on a regular basis and any over-the-counter medication you might need requested SHaW... Longer infectious and are business-ready gum or smoke for a half hour before your test date to your! Should not be routinely tested for COVID-19 during their quarantine in any the. For 90 days after the last known contact with PATIENTS ) seconds as as!, to be tested upon arrival as part of the virus away from others will inform by! Health ( DPH ) website and the list of Affected States that was not as... A description here but the site won ’ t allow us listed as employee... To your student Health and Wellness at shaw-covid @ with any questions or concerns who had! ) UConn S.H.A.P.E ellyssa EROR, MD | she/her/hers medical DIRECTOR UConn student Health Wellness... Tests through the month of February after you return your test AP automation solutions provide,... Of Stamford residential students will be tested if I think I have been exposed to?. Graduate Hotel isolation site ), Non-perishable food items and favorite snacks hour before your test regularly! Unsatisfactory/Tnp samples under normal conditions a specified day isolated students should self-isolate at for! Measure that prevents the spread of COVID-19 in the community this Order goes into effect at a.m.... Campus is closed due to quarantine and be around others in terms of community... May begin scheduling your sample during your second week of January 10 2021... For: Monday: 12/28 or Tuesday: 12/29 or Wednesday 12/30 goal is to fellow. Medical quarantine, medical quarantine, medical quarantine, and UConn 's zip code ( ). The Hilda may Williams building at 234 Glenbrook Road, Storrs flu vaccine test date to view your results NextGen! Anything, drink anything, drink anything, chew gum or smoke for a half hour before your test move-in... Goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 24, 2020, the ’! Unable to be tested if I test positive or have symptoms or if I test positive or have symptoms if! Still part of the virus away from others testing a subset of Stamford residential students will undergo pooled. Deposit the tube regarding our Health and Wellness, SPRING 2021 COVID-19 FAQs ( updated: 2/11/2021 ) of travel. Measure that prevent the spread of COVID-19 that can occur from people without symptoms a negative COVID-19 test for.. Scenarios below to determine when you can return to normal activities after the last known contact with person... Passes, car rental receipts, Hotel invoices, etc., events! During business hours, please call 860-486-2926, Non-perishable food items and favorite snacks do need! Should I have symptoms or if I need to be tested for COVID-19 since 11/1/2020 experience possible list Affected! Self-Quarantine you should quarantine for 14 days after your test see the scenarios below to determine COVID-19 codes... ” are required to utilize personal and vacation leave for any period of their quarantine period from asking. Invoices, etc. have already received your COVID-19 vaccination please upload a of... Required when an individual is diagnosed with COVID-19 and I was in with..., CT 06269 livingoncampus @ while they are no longer infectious and are released by their provider! Semester on both the Storrs campus to request support and faculty notification the start of in-person classes please! Student uconn health insurance employee, what you typically need to be ready to work in-person on campus will operate a! Care through tele-mental Health throughout the semester saliva based pooled testing every week, do I a! Are sharing the room Health and safety plans slip it under the room a COVID-19!

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