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Recommended Books

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Creative HTML Design

My top recommendation for beginners who want to learn and understand HTML from a designer's perspective. Contains easy to follow lessons in creating a well-designed web page. Also teaches about GIF and JPEG graphics formats, web safe colors, etc. and includes an HTML reference in the back.

Designing with JavaScript

A more advanced book for those who are already comfortable with HTML. This book teaches you how to use JavaScript to enhance your web pages and is written in an easy-to-read accessable format. From very basic effects to advanced. Learn how to display the time and date on web pages, create "mouse over" effects and even create a complete animated quiz game.


The Non-Designer's Design Book

This is the best basic design book I have read and I recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in design. It's a very thin, easy to read book and it does a fantastic job of describing basic design principles and also how to choose fonts. Even a few working professional designers could learn from this book! There is another book by the same author specifically on web design. However, I would recommend this book together with "Creative HTML Design" over that one.

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