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Pamela Hobbs

Pamela creates illustrations using pen and ink combined with Photoshop and programs such as Illustrator and Painter. Her work can be seen in Illustrator Masters and Web Hits produced by Agosto and published by Graphic-sha and Rockport Publishers.

Bert Monroy

Bert is well known for his photo-realistic illustration work using Photoshop and is considered a pioneer of digital art. He regularly gives lectures on his techniques at conferences such as MacWorld and has been a regular guest on "The Screen Savers" show on Tech TV. His work has also been featured in books and magazine articles published by Agosto in Japan. Agosto has sponsored Bert as a guest speaker for Tokyo MacWorld and for the Digital Art Expo in the past.

Ron Chan

Ron is an Illustrator who specializes in semi-abstract colorful illustrations created mainly using Adobe Illustrator. His work can be seen in Agosto's Illustrator Masters book and in numerous other books and magazines such as "Illustrator Wow" and Anders Rönnblom's "EFX Art and Design" magazine published in Sweden.

Craig Hickman

My former professor for computer art classes at the University of Oregon, Craig is the creator of the best-selling Kid Pix children's paint program. He currently teaches classes in multimedia design and digital imaging.


Agosto, Inc.

Creator and publisher of Agosto Art & Design magazine and numerous books on computer graphics and art. Located in central Tokyo.


A publishing company based in Tokyo that publishes books on art and design including the very popular "How to Draw Manga" series. Graphic-sha published the Japanese editions of the Masters series and also produced "Anime CG Web Banner Collection" on which I did translation/re-writing together with Atsuko Nozawa. (I am credited as the co-author, K.L. Bradley, on

Imagination International

Started by Ken O'Connell, my former professer in art at the University of Oregon. Producer of Alphaplanet, a colorful multimedia program for teaching children English. Ken currently teaches animation classes at the University of Oregon.