Book Design

Following are examples of my book design and layout work. For more in depth information on each project, click on either the book's image or title.


Web Hits!, click for more details Web Hits!
A collection of creative and artistic web sites (all design & layout including cover, editing, introduction)
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Photoshop Masters, click for more details Photoshop Masters
Step-by-step tutorials & gallery works by popular commercial artists using Photoshop (redesign, 1/2 layout and cover)
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3D and Web Masters, click for more details 3D & Web Masters
Tutorials and artwork by 3D artists and web designers (lead designer, 1/2 layout, cover)
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Illustrator Masters, click for more details Illustrator Masters
Adobe Illustrator artists (all design and layout of book's interior pages)
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Virtual Beauty, click for more details Virtual Beauty, 1 & 2
A how-to series of books on creating 3D characters (co-design and layout)

Digital Creation, click for more details Digital Creation in Japan
A collection of winning artworks from the Japan Digital Art Contest (co-design and layout)


New Britain New People, click for more details New Britain, New People
English textbook published by Macmillan Language House (cover co-design, all interior design and layout)

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