Marketplace. Kids will be ready to go at 12 weeks old and will be well started - healthy and socialized. Miniature Silkie ... MiniMythic Goats Mini Silky Fainting Goats and Nigerian Dwarfs. Sun Jan 10 2021 3:43 pm Advertisements. font-size: 9pt; Renee Orr, who developed the breed at Sol-Orr Farm near Lignum, Va., tells how these wee goats came to be. We look forward to hearing from you. & Kunekunes. Events will be held on Our silkies are bred for show and pet quality only. Janice Dunn. We also started out with "Bear" our cocker/beagle mix dog. Fainting goats are smaller than most breeds and much easier to care for because of their condition. I am a registered breeder with both the Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR) and the Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Association … 2013 Res. Some prefer slightly shorter coats as they do not require the same upkeep. Mini Silky Longhair Fainter: Bells Goats Pete Polled Buckling : Bells Goats Oreo and Bells Goats Heber Mini Shorthair Fainters MGR 99.63% Born April 24th, 2020: M49 Blue Eyed Moonspotted Polled Buckling (Baby Picture) MCH Bells Goats Ella and MCH Flying J Rustic Mini Longhair Silky Fainters Born March 5th, 2020: M17 Buckling (Baby Photo) Bells Goats Pricelss and Flyin J Kraken Born April … They are so friendly and follow us around everywhere when we go for walks outside. Please refresh your screen with each visit to ensure that you're viewing the latest improvements and additions. This is a free benefit for MSFGA breeders to promote and market their Mini Silkies. Thank you to all the Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Spectators 2013 Res. ABOUT; ABOUT. Along with the regular short hair Fainting goats we also raise the Miniature Silky Fainting Goats. We raise high quality Myotonic (Fainting) goats for pets, breeding stock, showing, and companion animals. 6 talking about this. Our silkies are bred for show and pet quality only. who supported the 2019 show! Senior Ch. Goats that we have sold Sold 2020 Hill Country Mini's Cinnnamon Twist and Hill Country Mini's Toffee Twirl. Grand Champion Doe Check Out the Fainting Goat Guild Website! MiniMythic is a small family owned herd of Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Mancha dairy goats and Mini Silky fainting goats. JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE - California | FOR SALE - San Francisco and Bay Area, CA. I have 17 does due to kid - a small group end of February and a larger group for mid May. Would like to see them go together. 2014 Senior Champion Wether, CA The majority of our goats are small to medium in size. NOTE - THE JUNE 2020 SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Triple-T Bubba Grand Ch. MiniMythic Miniature Goats - Our Mini Silky Goats - MiniMythic goats started as a 4H project for our sons back in 2008. With beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains to the west and the famous Chinook winds giving us some of the most brilliant weather patterns. OUR MYOTONIC … Bakersfield, California 93307, Hosted by Triple-T Ranch and Ancient Valley Ranch. A valuable resource for all! Our goal is to help preserve this rare, unique, and wonderful animal. If you would like to learn more about the programs being offered, please visit 2013 Res. It has a lot of cool things on it like resource links, a classified page section for people who would like help selling their goats when they don't have websites (or if you would just like additional exposure to help sell your goats faster), as well as a few new programs for people who can't get enough of showing, and an educational Youth Center! “In the early 1990s, fainting goat breeder Frank Baylis and I met Gingerwood, a registered Nigerian Dwarf buck who had a long coat and a head full of hair, … About 1 1/2 years old. For Sale; Fainting Goats; Bucks; Does; Wethers; Kids; Beef Cattle; Blog; Contact Us; Fainting Goats. Not registered but can be at buyer's expense. 2014 Regional Champion Wether Miniature Silkie Fainting Goats Doe (female) Baby. These phenomenal meat goats are perfect for the small family farm. Many have won Chionship points at local shows and Fairs. We strive to breed colorful goats while also trying to add polled and blue eyes into our herd. We hope to enhance and promote awareness of this adorable breed in Canada. body,td,th { The Miniature African Pygmy Goats originated from the forest districts of West and Central Africa. On our little hobby farm we raise Fainting goats, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Pygmy goats and Miniature Donkeys. 1142 South P Street We have Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and Mini Silky Fainting goats. Bucks. This is home to MiniMythic Miniature goats. Raising pygmy goats as pets is very popular in some countries. 2015 Senior Champion Wether (X3) We are currently home to 18 breeding does, 5 breeding bucks and 3 wethers. 2016 MGR Bronze Champion Title June 19th - June 20th (Friday and Saturday) at: Kern County Fairgrounds 2013 Overal High Point Wether He was raised as a … $400 Dam and sire on site. I'm … Fainting Goats for Sale Near Me: Directory of US Breeders + Tips for Buying Your First Fainting Goat(s) ... National- Miniature Silky Fainting goat Association; Facebook Groups. We like to call them "pasture jewelry". owned by: Allison Robinson For Sale page to learn about our Waiting List. For sale are … The breed is a low-maintenance source of meat and milk in its native land. Junior Champion Doe. City / State. Wether (X5) Our 2020 kidding season promises to be our biggest yet. Countin' the Stars Mini Farm 15591 Hastings Rd Athens, AL 35613 Phone: 256-431-3019 Email: } x Submit. We utilize the following registries- ADGA, … They are NOT raised for fiber, milk production and certainly not for meat. Welcome to the Triple-T Ranch. For Sale 13; In search of 0; For Rent 0; Time on Site. help preserve this rare, unique, and wonderful animal. 1. big silky fainting . One has partial blue eyes. Others are sold locally as … 2013 Res. Clean Herd… Tested Yearly for CAE and Johnes… last tested 2-3-2020. 2015 FGG Supreme Champion Title $100.00. I have been breeding miniature and miniature silky fainting goats since 2017 - this will be my 4th kidding season. User Ratings. We didn't start out with all of these critters, it all began with a pygmy goat named "Griffin" , a Nubian named "Gus" and a very wonderful horse named "Unbreakable Victory"(Vic for short). Using Facebook to find a Fainting goat can be extremely helpful. 2015 Regional Champion Wether celebrating its 12th year with the: 2 Futurity Shows, 2 FGG Shows, and 1 MGR Show! Learn About Miniature Goats. We raise high quality Myotonic (Fainting) goats for pets, breeding stock, showing, and companion animals. Smokey is a 1 year old miniature fainting goat. Our Spring kids have arrived! Visit our For Sale page to see who we have for sale! We only offer as breeding stock those kids that best conform to MSFGA standards and offer the greatest potential for extreme bangs and coats. Miniature African Pygmy Goats. Our goats are always disbudded. We hope that you enjoy your visit 2016 Res. 100.00 each obo. We have Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Silky goats. Field Trips “ I wanted to let you know that Theodore and Timber are doing so great. We support the registeries of ADGA, MSFGA. Our stock is friendly, disbudded, and have coats of varying lengths. Ready to breed. Fall kidding will begin in November! Does. Our goal is to Miniature Silky Fainting Goats. Senior Ch. He was raised as a bottle baby, he can be shy until you get to k ... Miniature fainting goat $509. Please explore our site to learn more about this wonderful rare breed, to see our herd, and don’t forget to browse our Senior Ch. For Sale; Eating Healthy; Guardians; About Us; Links To Assist You; Myotonic Memories; Fainting Goat History; Historical Articles Tennessee & Texas Fainters Goats that Guarantee You To Smile! We show our goats locally. We usually have goats for sale and plan to show them around southern California. Wether (X2) Tracy Morgan Bee Gum Fainters 617 Co Rd 162 Henagar, AL 35978 Phone: 256-996-9100 Email: Registered Miniature Fainting and Miniature Silky Fainting Goats Welcome to our website! Mini Silky Fainting Goats - $25 (Yucca Valley) Herd Reduction of my winning Show goats. This page has been set up for active breeders of MSFGA registered Mini Silkies as a courtesy to them and to potential buyers. We like to call them "pasture jewelry". WE WILL SEE YOU IN 2021 The average height is 16 inches and the average weight … 2016 Res. Email Us. Our web site is updated routinely. Friendly but a little rambunctious. 2015 Res. MiniMythic is a small family owned herd of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and Mini Silky fainting goats. Check Out the Fainting Goat Guild Website! We are a family owned ranch located in the hills northeast of San Diego, MiniMythic Goats, Ramona, California. Danielle Fallin … The majority of our goats are small to medium in size. We raise our amazing little herd of Myotonic Fainting goats & Kunekunes just west of Didsbury, Alberta, Canada. We love them! California California, CA 92029. 2013 Senior Champion Wether, UT Welcome to Triple-T Ranch - Where the Kids Jump for Joy! California California, CA 92029. We have some amazing Silky Fainting Goats and encourage you to come see them. For Sale; Sales Policy; Prices; KuneKune Pigs. Quality Registered and Unregistered Miniature Donkeys, Miniature Fainting Goats, and Miniature Silky Fainting Goats. Janice Dunn. Five fainting goats for trade!! Miniature Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale. Goats. We strive to breed the best in conformation and coat with sweet and gentle dispositions. Beautiful accomplished Miniature Silky Fainting Goats. Chocolatesilk Baby Boots. Doe (female) 1 yr chocolate and white, … If you have questions, comments, would like to acquire one of our animals, or be added onto our Waiting List, please visit our and please come back frequently to see what’s new. Randolph's Mini Hoof Farm began breeding Miniature Silky Fainting goats in 2006. They are gentle, friendly and ridiculously funny to be around and just watch when they faint from excitement. 2016 Senior Champion Wether (X4) Bucks are $350 to $1200. My herd is to the small side of the Standard because I love the little pet sized goats. Thank you for visiting our site. Our herd tested NEGATIVE for CL,CAE and Jone's in March 2020. Click Here to go to the Made in the U.S.A. Myotonics Show website,