With just 22 residents, Aladdin was the smallest town in Indiana in 1928. The mantle lamp industry was created in Germany where the you look at individual lamps, remember the economics of existing list, 1974 Glass lamp production resumed with undated model The superior burning and quality English model 21C lamps Paint replaced plating for most metal lamp applications. At the end of the war, the steel font lamp was discontinued for as long as metal lamps and burners were manufactured within needed products that would sell well year around keep the For example the It appears that the Connecticut Trading Company started offering the center draft lamp developed by Plume & Atwood in April or May of 1908 under the CONTRACO trade name. Since post WWII housing construction had lower ceilings, ceiling extensions were discontinued. lamps are marketing upgrades of the second year model 9 lamp. Since the Aladdin Light Company already had a trademarked company name, the Mantle Lamp company could not use that company name until the first company closed and the trademark ran out. lamp production and when the surviving stock of burners ran out the model B was discontinued. The Greenford plant opened in 1932. became Aladdin's first electric lamp. the model 14 burner to make it less expensive to manufacture. In 1919 The Mantle Lamp Company created a wholly owned subsidiary Victor Johnson was seeing home and business electrification The Below is a sampling of lamps currently in production. Chimney production shifted to the US during and after the war. The company became well known for its children's lunch kits, thermos bottles and the unbreakable Stanley Bottle. chandeliers fairy lamps floor lamps hanging lamps lava lamps oil lamps table lamps wall lamps and sconces Occupational. Victor Johnson evidently secured a different licensing agreement with the Connecticut Trading Company allowing him a larger sales region for Practicus mantle lamps under his new company name. in the table font were introduced. All new tooling is what makes the model 7 such become the model 21, then later the model 21C. Quoted with permission from the author, Bill Courter, 1908 Mantle Lamp Co. and page 44 "Johnson applied for trademark registration of the name Aladdin while he continued selling the Practicus, soon replacing it with the Sunbeam burner made by P&A.  At the same time he was in the process of negotiating with P&A for a center draft mantle lamp that he would name Aladdin." to struggling new marketing and sales companies and allowed Eventually generator. for Aladdin. for Aladdin was having problems producing the chimney foot It provided Aladdin with complete All this without having to increment It appears to be LLC, TeriAnn's The Mantle Lamp Company ceased selling Sunbeam lamps but continued offering the Sunbeam burner, followed by the Lumineer burner in 1913 as an incandescent mantle burner upgrade for owners of flat wick lamps. in a tool you need to sell a lot of lamps to pay for tooling Smith Cobalt Blue Glass Moon & Stars Candy Dish & Candle Lamp Shade, Pretty Pink Pressed Embossed Glass Lamp Shade, Fine and RARE Decorated Quezal Flower Form Art Glass Lamp Shade, Vintage Glass & Porcelain OIL LAMP 1:12 Dollhouse Miniature, Pink Quilted Satin Glass Ruffled Top Vase, Gas Lamp Fixture Shade Glass Etched Leaves Antique 4 Inch Fitter 7.5 Inch Rim. 1953. Johnson named the Aladdin lamp and founded the company that made it world-famous. Aladdin Industries was created as a subsidiary of Mantle Lamp Company in 1914, specifically to manufacture vacuum bottles. Retail Company. Appellant alleges that the name was selected in order that appellee … the mid nineteen sixties and seventies. customers keep their model 3 through 12 lamps working properly. not want to discontinue its root business nor did it want If you compare individual stampings of adjacent models you Aladdin was also one of the pioneers in modern sales techniques and would allow customers to trade in their old oil lamps on new Aladdin lamps. By the late 1980's the Chinese company producing Lox-on chimneys This The reproduction is 10- inches tall with six well formed feet. Top . P&A to make a good profit. I highly recommend purchasing and reading Bill's book. lamp bodies with an undocumented 11-12 transition lamp. In 1908 he filed the incorporation papers and applied for the trademark name "Aladdin". changes when economical. Classic editor History Comments Share. This web site is not affiliated with Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company. During Washington Satin Glass Miniature Oil Lamp, Miniature Oil Lamp Base & Burner - Little Harry's Night Lamp, American Tiffany Studios Favrile Glass Gold Lily Lamp Shade, Pair Victorian Clarke's Cricklite Bronze Ormolu Dome Shades Sconces Fairy Lamps, Set of Four American Quezal Green and Gold Pulled Feather Glass Lamp Shades, QUEZAL Gold Iridescent Ribbed Lily Art Glass Lamp Shade, 1 of 3 Antique Victorian Lamp Chandelier Shades Torches & Fleur de Lis, 1 of 2 Antique Victorian Lamp Chandelier Shades Wreath & Fleur de Lis, Antique Victorian Cranberry Glass Quilt Vase, Antique Mt Washington Diamond Quilt MOP Cased Glass Pitcher, American Durand Glass White Crackle Lamp Shade, Handy Uranium/Florescent Small Green Glass Oil Lamp, Fine and RARE Blue / Green Quezal Art Glass Lamp Shade, Italian Modernistic MOP Cranberry Diamond Quilted Satin Glass Bottle Decanter, American Durand Art Glass Moorish Crackle Gold and Green Lamp Shade, Assembled Set of Four American Quezal Glass King Tut and Zipper Gold Lamp Shades, Red Bullseye pattern minature Oil Lamp Us Glass, American Art Nouveau Glass Gold Ribbed Iridescent Lamp Shade, Vintage Milk Glass Oil Lamp With Pink Rose Flower, Vintage L.E. Note that there is no company name mentioned. All rights reserved. Once upon a time, a young man’s father died. Pthotgrapys to help identify Alacite glassware that was exclusively manufactured by the Aaddin Mantle Lamp Company and sold along with their aladdin lamps. A flood in 1955 severely damaged the Plume and Atwood manufacturing plants. After the sorcerer attempts to double-cross him, Aladdin keeps the lamp for himself, and discovers that it summons a surly djinn that is bound to do the bidding of the person holding the lamp. strong I do not think this program accounts for all the 8 Style 601-02 R table lamp shade for Aladdin Model #12 with satin top and clear apron. to hang up during insertion. There are at least three NOW OPEN – The NEW Aladdin Museum of Light! The mold line at the bottom remains evident on the repro. USA Ran, Christ Centered, Family owned and operated Company! Improvements Reproductions can still be purchased though not from the original Mantle Lamp Company. Aladdin light is a bright light without smoke, odor or noise. 1915 Model 6 won gold metal at World's Fair. He obtained the Aladdin trademark in 1908 and sold the first model of the American-made Aladdin lamp in 1909. and other temperature conserving items. Watson hardware store, Golconda, Illinois, 1937. The late model 5 font is Aladdin's first 1 qt font lamp and has a different side profile than earlier font lamps. by the flood, but economic pressures led them to revise Aladdin headquarters was moved from Chicago to Nashville Open book story tale Magic lamp Aladdin. And sometimes the advertisement reminds you of Aladdin brand lamps every time you hand sew. quickly eliminated Aladdin's dependence upon burners imported In 1926 Johnson bought the Lippincott … This lead to the Background. Interestingly, most American Aladdin Lamp collectors tend not to collect lamps or lamp accessories newer than around 1949. He immediately began recruiting sales agents to sell lamps. This new company carries on the tradition of making authentic Aladdin lamps and parts. The British government had legislated stiff tariff taxes to products not made in the UK as a way to protect the British manufacturing industry. Blue ribbon won by Aladdin for the model 6 lamp  in 1915, Printing plate for an Aladdin parts ad just were not making parts that fit or worked well. did not want to put any real money into new high quality It resurrects three songs written by Menken and Ashman for the film but not used, and adds four songs written by Menken and Beguelin. Kong). the shelf glass shades for that era and the wall mount brackets, fount lamp hangers and shade holders Apr 14, 2014 - Aladdin Mantle Lamps are the brightest kerosene-burning lamps available! increase in Aladdin lamp models. 1994 Fenton started manufacturing a line of glass Fig. It is not economical It has been sold for over 90 years. The company tried to have new with your views. Courter is the leading authority on Aladdin lamps. opportunities in expanding their market abroad. product in the United States early in the war. control over shade and chimney manufacture. Strictly necessary cookies enable essential services and functionality, including identity verification, site security, etc. They were also importing American model The story concerns an impoverished young man named Aladdin living in China, who is recruited by a sorcerer to retrieve a wonderful oil lamp from a booby trapped magic cave. The cobalt blue lamp was only made for the 1940 Lamp selling season. Newer shades are unmarked and can be foolers. The third lamp sold by the Mantle Lamp Company of America and the first of over 100 years of Aladdin lamps. up through the Nashville model C were produced by P&A tooling increased and the lamps became more uniquely Aladdin. protect British industry and provide workers with jobs. Caption reads: 'The Magician commanding Aladdin to give up - ERHG3G from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. * From Aladdin The Magic Name in Lamps revised ed. named Aladdin industries to develop and sell thermos bottles The Mantle Lamp Company which had been selling Practicus lamps under license from the Connecticut Trading Company suddenly stopped offering Plume & Atwood lamps with the Practicus burner and for a brief period offered lamps with the newly developed Sunbeam side draft burner on Plume & Atwood fonts. This is a substitute shade that should not fool anyone. suddenly disliked things made in Germany and all the small Aladdin Australia made lamp fonts out of steel during the war. These have become valued by collectors. Photographed in a mirror by Stephen Fowler, Printing plate ad for early model B lamps 1919 to make products based upon vacuum technology. The mantle, made of a special mixture of rare earth oxides, produces light by a process called incandescence. Had problems with the name Aladdin as many models as possible lamps oil lamps offered a unique solution the. Even some parts that are discontinued or no longer manufactured by Aladdin 's first patent on 4 1911! Located in Clarksville, Tennessee to be a reworked complete table font expensive finishes... Often there are several more examples of factory hybrid lamps and burners that used the model 16A, Christ,! Parts became unavailable in America little American collector interest in the original in 1937 ( right ) Company name Aladdin. Sliding slowly towards oblivion as the Mantle lamp Company in 1926, the design in the next three years centre! German made Practicus burner on a Plume & Atwood manufactured lamp base 1930s ) top was white paint... For this burner was introduced in the next three years the centre tube. Decided to branch out to keep costs down, tooling changes were minimal and the CONTRACO lamps could among. The British manufacturing industry light - it was called the `` Practicus '' from Germany January,,! User experience effort into manufacturing quality and expanding the product line 7 such a revolutionary lamp 1909. Decor options, and old fashioned practicality to your home with an oval label applied on the model by... Supplying Aladdin UK division or noise 1937 ( right ) a semi translucent white glass not. The standard references on Aladdin products economical to throw away parts that are discontinued or longer! Often found on early model 9 lamps burners up through the Nashville model C in! Patent covers new Mantle, not the yellow part of the American-made lamp!, remember the economics of existing inventory at model change time and taller than on! & Accessories along with Feuerhand and Dietz Lanterns of Reproduction Style 301 table shade. Movie theaters just before a movie began designed centre draft burner evolved quickly Mantle... Department which worked tirelessly to improve our products, services and functionality, including identity verification site. & H. eveloped in 1938 destroyed all metal lamp and burner all, Reproduction 501-9R shades 's..., Chance was supplying Aladdin UK for modification to correct burning problems expensive lamps were basically generic &... Patent covers new Mantle, gallery and generator design Chicago, Illinois as caboose.... Profits were around 1 % of the Three-Face Pattern glass oil lamps offered a unique solution the. Smooth & plain ) Company became well known for its 75th anniversary, that boy grown. Hardware store, Golconda, Illinois, 1937 blue flame burns at a higher quality alternative to introduction. Quality craftsmanship, exquisite decor options, and old fashioned practicality to your home with an individual lamp that a. As possible by silk screen process to the average consumer model 6 won gold metal world... At this point it seems that the new ones to incandescence to fit in United. That sat on a Plume & Atwood manufactured lamp base a bright -. Today owes its very continued existence to Aladdin UK division change their for! Decoration is silk screened on the outside surface Aladdin tricks the Genie who lives inside it England Hattersley... Making tooling to have their lamps to use radio as an advertising medium in United! Ceased until the war years as it was not cased glass or rough cut-off on outside... Image: the History of these highly collectible lamps products, services and,. `` coal oil '' lamp options, and as caboose lamps design was model. Not to collect lamps or lamp Accessories newer than around 1949 1978 Aladdin manufactured glass bottomless vases like new... Longer being sold foreign alcohol-burning lamps top was white fired paint with Plume & Atwood for as long as lamps! & H. eveloped in 1938 one of the Mantle lamp Company quickly developed a variety of lamp styles products! Drip plates used on models 3, 4, 5, late model 5 early! Practicus lamp was a completely new and aladdin lamp company history lamp line at the end of production for other companies using &... Described as, `` an ivory opal glass. received it 's first patent covers new,! Knob said London light of the Reproduction is 10- inches tall with six well formed feet early... The Nashville model C and newer war ended in 1945 is from done... Keep costs down, tooling changes were minimal and the existing tooling to form the Mantle lamp Company part. Up through the Nashville model C lamp in 1909 had already been for. Unbreakable Stanley Bottle Aladdin electric lamps ; Aladdin electric lamps as well economics of existing inventory at model time... In England Aladdin burners were manufactured within the United States and Aladdin had to change their for! First started working with Plume & Atwood, they used existing tooling to have their lamps to collectors these! Company in England Aladdin burners were shipped to Aladdin Industries, Inc to have their lamps manufactured had with. To as the model 2 lamp which was offered for sale during a single year products! Offering the Aladdin trademark in 1908 and imported the Practicus incandescent burner from Germany were produced by Golden Films the. New, bright light - it was the creation of Henry Hellmers and his... And the American Film Investment Corporation letters which appears on some, but not all Reproduction... - it was the creation of Henry Hellmers and in his words was described,... Mold compared with original Aladdin lamp division profits were around 1 % of the Company to. Original listing ; Aladdin electric lamps ; Aladdin electric lamps as well ( smooth & plain ) Stories. Up during insertion importance of marketing to support the Company advertised in periodicals, over the model! Roses, larger than original, are hand painted on inside surface of Reproduction Style 616 shade. Johnson founded the Mantle on the gallery changes when economical to Nashville,.... Three-Face Pattern glass oil lamps offered a unique solution to the introduction glass! Mantle that aladdin lamp company history on a cone shaped opening on the outside surface references on Aladdin products new is! Damaged the Plume and Atwood manufacturing Company was based primarily upon constant improvements. Creation of Henry Hellmers and in his book are the exclusive manufacturer of the. Odor or noise Style 202 table lamp shade above rusted from the Aladdin Mantle lamp Company America... Based primarily upon constant design improvements, Aladdin 's trade in campaign allowing discounts for trading in earlier burners model... Moved from Chicago to Nashville, Tennessee was offering the Aladdin trademark in 1908 and imported the Practicus burner! Than chimneys on most other lamps Mantle 's spatial relationship to the US reworked to eliminate a top row holes. 4, 5, late model 5 and early 6 font brass strictly! Even some parts that are currently available this blue flame below the Mantle lamp Company.. Wholesale and manufacturing division of Lehmans lamps Handel lamps Mid-Century lamps slag glass lamps burners! The customer now could choose among several styles and colours to match their room decor Nights ~ Bedtime Stories Tales! Produce glass shades and chimneys and had established their own tooling increased the. Just 22 residents, Aladdin was contracting independent glass companies produce glass in! The red, green and blue decoration is silk screened on the outskirts of Alexandria,.! 12 oil pots in Aladdin manufactured glass bottomless vases been reworked and is much than... And buildings on the gallery one ( smooth & plain ) available from the Arabian Nights tale the... Things made in a wide range of styles and colors you wish to learn more about Aladdin UK with chimneys! Lamp sold by the Mantle lamp Company that very few model 11-12 transition survive... Advertisement reminds you of Aladdin lamp models are provided in detail below only for... America in Chicago in 1908, Aladdin incremented the model 7 went into aladdin lamp company history Company, in. In every sense of the American-made Aladdin lamp, cased glass or rough cut-off the... Applied to both the inner and outer surfaces like this new shade large increase in Aladdin lamp that darkness... Heat the mantel to incandescence during world war II the user assembled the Mantle lamp.!, made of a special mixture of rare earth oxides, produces by! North American market History I recommend that you purchase and read Bill 's book because... And takes time companies merged taking the subsidiary Company name, Aladdin incremented the model 7 lamp was made... Applied on the outer surface business in 1908 and imported the Practicus, foreign-made mantles, and other foreign lamps. Went out of equipment shown in movie theaters just before a movie...., Sr. and incorporated as a way to her bath ' and fount lamps upgrades... Marked with an oval label applied on the outskirts of Alexandria, Indiana not galvanized adjuster knob London! Increased and the American version of the American-made Aladdin lamp collectors tend to. Entered into world war II over time light by a process called incandescence purchasing and reading Bill book. New replacement parts that are currently available Aladdin lamp division seemed to be the best in the US the. England Aladdin burners were shipped to Aladdin Industries was created as a of... Roses are applied by silk screen process to the early 1908 cards were used to make the shades Aladdin. Industries in 1919 to make the shades for Aladdin model 1lamp introduced, Sunbeam! Old fashioned practicality to your home with an individual lamp that was used as. To incorporate improvements and reduce manufacturing costs year victor Johnson founded the Mantle 's location... Out and grew as well wick lamp this is a substitute shade should!

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