Replamin Gel has several minerals in it, so it may have been correcting a different deficiency in the past, such as zinc, but I need more information. Mineral products for goats are also already found in the market. If I’ve given you enough info, do you recommend these kids have medicated anything? I wrote to you recently about concrete versus dirt floors and you were extremely helpful. I feed them hay and only a small small bit of grain to top of their mineral treats. Your goats were most likely vaccinated for CDT, which is for enterotoxemia types C & D, as well as tetanus, and that’s the only routine vaccine anyone gives. You need to read the tags to be sure that you are not getting medicated feed, AND to be sure you are getting one with enough copper. var addy26255 = 'cfeeds' + '@'; I am just worried she wouldn’t get enough of the vitamins listed in the feed bags. Will adding the lose minerals be too much when they also have the medicated feed? The only cases I’ve ever heard of a goat overdosing on free choice minerals was goats that died of copper toxicity when feeding a mineral with 3000 ppm copper, but only five or six of the 100 goats in the herd died — so even in THAT situation, almost all of the goats were smart enough not to overconsume. I really wish Dumor would change the name of the Sweet Feed to something else — like textured feed, which many brands call their textured feed — because “sweet feed” usually refers to an all-stock feed that contains no added nutrients and is just grain and molasses, and it should not be used. Out and About! Calcium deficient does won’t have strong uterine contractions in labor and may get milk fever after kidding. Immediately they went downhill and never really recovered, even after the pizzle surgery. I have two male goats who I was told to feed Blue Seal Medicated Goat Feed, daily, and I have been doing so for approximately 16 months (they are almost a year and a half old). Goats need free choice, LOOSE minerals. I have had the girls for almost 2 weeks now. Copper 2000ppm Thank you so very much for your help thus far – I truly appreciate it!!! I am not a fan of medicated minerals, but the medication is actually deadly for equines, so definitely should not be used around donkeys. I currently have 4 goats and a calf together. CLEARLY SO WRONG. The goats offered their assistance with the installation. Maranda. Thank you. Medicated Sweetlix has a coccidiostat in it to prevent coccidiosis, so it’s really just for kids around weaning or moving to a new home, which is a stressful time. The owner gave me dumor milk replacer and he got the runs so I switched to whole cow’s milk and half and half. I recommend Copasure. It does contain copper. //